Wednesday, October 29, 2008

this book

I'm sorry guys...I can't tell you anymore than that about this book The Dark Wolf. If you want more you will have to go to and check it out.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Dark Wolf

These are the words every Bradford lives by and the story is told today....

"To Live Is To Die and To Die Is To Live
You can't have one without the other...."

Ian Todd "Dark Wolf" Bradford~the King's Champion of Ireland

The story behind the Story....

It was a Dark time for Ireland, a time of civil unrest. Brother against Brother. Clansmen against Clansmen.

While defending his betrothed and his family's honor Ian Todd "Dark Wolf" Bradford is thought to be slain. His body was never found. Rumors of a Wolf Pack led by the infamous Dark Wolf, floated around Ireland. The Dark Wolf would return in the form of a Wolf, to right the wrong of his family and his betrothed.

The night was dark and foreboding. A chill was in the air. A full moon hung in the starlit sky. A wolf howled across the snowy hills of Ireland, only to be answered by his brothers. Mom's ushered their young ones inside. Men stood guard outside.... And blood ran thick in the streets of Ireland as each member of the Royal Family fell to the Pack.

When the Bradford name had been cleared, their honor restored and his betrothed Rested In Peace, The Dark Wolf and his Pack disappeared into the forest....

This is the story every Bradford has been told. Passed down from generation to generation...

Even today...

The year is 1997....She was 14. He was 17. It wasn't supposed to happen. But it did.

An Heir to a fortune falls for a lowly stable hand. Three months later, while participating in a Bull Dancing event, Ian Todd Bradford the III is thrown from his horse and rushed to the hospital. Upon his return to Bradford Estates he finds her gone. No explanation and No goodbye. Many questions remained unanswered for three long years...
written by Laree D.
Availble for purchase at